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Laser Teeth Whitening

We use only the very latest laser teeth whitening technology from the US.

Our “Beyond” laser teeth whitening system produces consistent and powerful results in under an hour. You should expect up to an eight shade lift with more possible for darkly stained teeth.

About Us

We have been providing laser teeth whitening treatments successfully for the past four years. Our teeth whitening specialists are experienced and have been trained by dentists to provide the treatment both safely and effectively; complying with the current legislations. All of our specialists are also certified by “Beyond”.

We are an honest company driven by 100% customer satisfaction and we ensure that all of our clients love their new look.

Our System

We use the Beyond Polus whitening system which won the “Top Whitening System” award for the second year running in the Dental Advisor, a leading US publication this year. This is mainly due to its high power output using halogen technology, clinically proven to be more effective than cheaper LED systems, used by many other companies. The Beyond Polus has both UV and heat filters resulting in a more comfortable treatment experience, by reducing the risk of sensitivity and avoiding the need to apply UV protection.

The Consultation and Treatment

We will provide you with a full consultation to discuss your individually tailored treatment plan, assessing the level of whiteness you wish to achieve from your existing tooth shade. There is no charge for a consultation and it is conducted at the same time as your whitening treatment.

The laser teeth whitening procedure is quick, safe and simple, taking as little as an hour.

We recommend that you have had a check up with your dentist to ensure there are no dental issues which may prevent you from having your treatment as we are unable to provide dental advice.