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Custom Laboratory Made Whitening Trays

Many people decide to whiten their teeth at home to control the whiteness they wish to achieve or to have a mechanism in which to maintain their tooth shade following laser teeth whitening.

We now provide excellent quality custom laboratory made whitening trays, individually designed to fit your teeth. The trays are moulded to sit comfortably in your mouth and to be used with a non-peroxide whitening gel. Using us to produce your trays will save you hundreds of pounds as compared to going directly to your dentist.

A fan of the X Factor smile? Our laboratory also provide the whitening trays used by judges and contestants on the show!

Nightly use of the gel we provide, included in this price, over a 2 week period will improve your whiteness by up to eight shades, however stronger gels can easily be purchased directly through your dentist. Again this will save you a considerable amount of money as you will already have your custom whitening trays provided by us.

Each appointment takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes where will ask you to bite into an impression tray which is then sent to our lab. The process is very quick and simple and your trays will be ready between 1 and 2 weeks.

We know you will love the quality and feel of these trays which do not compare to standard boil and bite trays available online.

Our custom fit trays allow proper placement and even distribution of your whitening gel ensuring optimum results.